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T  R  E  A  T  M  E  N  T  S

M A N I C U R E S,  P E D I C U R E S  &  G E L  N A I L S

File and polish - £20
Manicure (exfoliation, cuticle work, hand massage and polish) - £30
Full manicure with gels (the above but with gels) - £40
Mini pedicure (foot soak, cut, file and polish) - £20
Pedicure (exfoliation, removal of hard skin, cuticle work,

foot massage and polish) - £30
Full pedicure and gel ( the above but with gels) - £40
Callus peel (includes soak, toe cut and file) - £30
Callus peel and polish (the above and polish) - £40
Gel overlays (lasts 2-3 weeks, like a polish with the

durable strength of gel) - £30
Soak off and new gel overlays - £40
Nail art (per nail)
- £3

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