Anti-ageing Glycolic peels with pomegranate enzymes.

This anti-ageing treatment will help boost collagen production significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and give back radiance and luminosity to the skin. It can also benefit many skin conditions such as hyper pigmentation, age spots & acne prone skin.

This treatment is ideal for:

•Sun damaged skin

•Prematurely aged skin

•Dull and congested skin

•Acne prone skin

•Regular skin enhancement





•Clearer Skin

•No Downtime

•Reduction in Pore size

Glycopeel  is suitable for all skin types. Results in most cases can be seen immediately. Optimum results are seen after a course of 6 treatments.

45 minute treatment £45.00

Includes neck and shoulder massage while masque is on.


Sculptured nails

sculptured nail is created using a hard gel base that will keep the nail attached to the finger and the natural nail. After this step is completed, we will build up the tip of the nail to the specified shape using a hard gel, then followed by a gel overlay colour of your choice.

£35.00 for a set